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Pilates (pronounced Pi-lah-tees) is a system of body conditioning designed to strengthen and lengthen the body's muscles with emphasis on strengthening the abdominal girdle which results in a stronger mid section and a reduction of back pain and injury. Pilates was developed over 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates. It is appropriate for all ages because it tones and strengthens the muscles without impacting the joints. It improves posture and strengthens the parts of the body that age attacks, including the stomach muscles, inner thighs and upper arms. Many forms of exercise create tightening of certain muscles while over stretching others. Pilates is a method that aims to create a balance in the body, designed to cater for the needs of the individual.


Yoga has been in existence for more than 5,000 years. The word Yoga means “to join” or “bring together” and it brings the body, mind and spirit together into one harmonious experience. A more traditional translation is union between the Jivatman and Paramatman, that is union between one's individual consciousness and the Universal Consciousness. Therefore in a traditional interpretation yoga refers to a certain state of consciousness as well as to methods that help one reach that goal or state of union with the divine.

Yoga is usually understood to mean Hatha Yoga, which contains three main elements, exercises, breathing, and meditation. The exercises or postures of Hatha Yoga essentially stretch and strengthen the body, thereby improving natural flexibility and durability. Breathing techniques gently increase breath control and help improve the health and function of both body and mind. The postures and breathing prepare the body and mind for meditation, enabling the mind to become quiet and allowing release from everyday stress. Regular practice of Yoga enhances the clarity of the mind, ensures a strong and supple body, and can help to support and maintain health and wellbeing. 

Class costs average $12 for a one hour class but please consult with the individual centres for exact pricing.

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