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Q - I am taking medication, can I cleanse?

A - You should let your Doctor know that you are going to be starting a cleansing program and ask him or her to monitor you. Allopathic (Medical) Doctors do not get more than a day or two of training on nutrition, so they may be hesitant to give you permission to try anything they are unfamiliar with, therefore, please ask to be monitored rather than asking for permission. Doing a nutritional cleanse is simply flooding the body with high quality nutrients. You will be much better off with the nutrition from the cleanse than the limited nutrition one gets from the average North American diet.

Q - What is in this stuff? I want to know the list of ingredients.

A -This cleanse is the best high quality organic nutrition you will ever have in your life. Guaranteed!* Think about what you eat on a daily basis. Do you eat processed foods? Do you eat chips, crackers, cereal from a box? Have you been to Mac Donald’s or another fast food outlet recently? Do you eat salad dressings from a bottle? Most people eat processed foods daily and don’t think twice about it.

Q - I am a diabetic, can I cleanse?

A - Yes, we will put together a program that is suitable for your specific needs so that you will experience success.

Q - Why is this called an overall body cleanse?

A - Unlike other products that only address one area of the body such as the kidneys, colon or liver, this cleanse cleanses the body on a cellular level, so you are cleansing everything, not just one organ at a time.

Q - Why do you recommend these cleansing products?

A - I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to try many different products. Many I felt were unsafe, ineffective or overly complicated to use. I wanted something that was going to change people’s lives in a highly effective way. I love these products because they have such an incredibly positive impact, both physically and emotionally. The results are fast and lasting. This isn’t a quick fix or a one time shot deal. It is a lifestyle change.

Q - Do I have to take these products the rest of my life?

A - Do you want to continue to feel good the rest of your life or do you want to go back to feeling the way you did before you got to optimum health? Imagine you wanted a hard, lean, toned body and worked out at the gym for 8 solid weeks. Then at the end of those 8 weeks you got your optimum results. Would you expect those results to last if you decided that from then on you were going to sit on the couch and eat bon bons? No, of course not. It takes effort and consistency to experience on-going results.

Q - My mother and grandmother used to eat the same types of food that I am eating now and they never 'cleansed' and they have both lived long healthy lives. So, why do I need to bother?

A - When your mother and grandmother were young there were not as many toxins in the world. They ate more natural foods and lived a life that was “closer” to the earth.  Today, we have more cars on the road, more factories spewing toxins into the air and more pollutants in our waters.  Additionally, the ground soil in which we grow our foods is over farmed and mineral depleted so our foods are less nutritionally dense.  In fact, to get the same nutrient value out of an apple you would have eaten in 1973, today you would have to eat 10 apples.  Cleansing helps the body absorb the nutrients it is receiving and if you are using additional high quality supplements the body will be optimally supported.

Q- Do I need coaching for this cleanse or can I do it on my own?

A – Those who have coaching have better results but if you would prefer to not be coached you may order here I recommend the 30 day program plus Isafruits and Isalean Bars.

*30 day money back guarantee
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